One Week of Food | Variety Pack

From: $52.50 available on subscription

Our Meal Prep Order Deadline is Thursday at midnight
for Sunday Pickup or Delivery.

Orders placed after midnight on Thursday will not be available until the following Sunday. 
Example: An order placed on Friday, January 1, 2021  or Saturday, January 2, 2021 would not be available until Sunday, January 10th.

Choose from one of two weekly payment options for our Variety Packs!

Order just one week of food or subscribe and set up a weekly recurring order to save time with your busy schedule. No more remembering to order each week!

Chef will select a variety of meals from the week’s menu to match the number of meals you selected.


  1. select the number of meals you want from each type of menu item (Minimum order of 5 meals)
  2. add any add-ons

We’ll handle the rest!

The more you order, the more you save!
  • Meals are $10.50 each when you order 5 or 6 meals.
  • Meals are $10.25 each when you order between 7-9 meals.
  • Meals are 5% off when you order 10 or more for the week!

Our Variety Pack incorporates nutritious ingredients for a local and fresh meal plan, serving as an excellent alternative to additive-rich and unhealthy fast foods and frozen meals.  

Whether you’re on the go or at work or home, stay fueled with nutritious, healthy meals from YoFresh Food!


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Order delicious meals that use quality ingredients today with our fresh meal plans! Our Variety Pack is a great way to keep up a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a busy schedule.

Place your order either by phone or online by Thursday at midnight to receive your meals for the following week.


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