This product is purchasable between 09/25/2020 and 09/29/2020

September 30 Pickup Meal: Chicken or Tofu Marsala

From 12.99 per serving

This week’s mid-week meal features:

Your choice of Chicken Marsala or Tofu Marsala

Three sides: Choose from

    1. Oven Roasted Redskin Potatoes
    2. Cauliflower Rice
    3. Almond Green Beans
    4. Roasted Brussels Sprouts
    5. Caesar Salad
    6. Classic Tossed Salad

Your Choice of Dessert:  Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting or Caramel Cake

Orders due before midnight on Tuesday, September 29 for pickup on Wednesday, September 30. 

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