4-Week | Variety Pack


Our Meal Prep Order Deadline is Thursday at midnight
for Sunday Pickup or Delivery.

Orders placed after midnight on Thursday will not be available until the following Sunday. 
Example: An order placed on Friday, January 1, 2021  or Saturday, January 2, 2021 would not be available until Sunday, January 10th.


Whether you’re on the go or at work or home, stay fueled with nutritious, healthy meals from YoFresh Food!

This product replaces our former weekly flex-pack and 10-pack of meals.

Our Surprise Me! Variety Pack incorporates nutritious ingredients for a local and fresh meal plan, serving as an excellent alternative to additive-rich and unhealthy fast foods and frozen meals.  

Simply select the number of meals you want from the drop down, add any add-ons, select the accommodations available, and we’ll handle the rest! Chef will select a variety of meals from the week’s menu to match the number of meals you selected.

Please note: Meal Accommodations are limited to those listed in the check-boxes. If you require further adaptations, please select from our Choose Your Own Meal Plans so we can meet your needs!

Fresh Meal Plan Delivery & Pickup Options

Order delicious meals that use quality ingredients today with our fresh meal plans! Our Surprise Me! Variety Pack is a great way to keep up a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a busy schedule.

Place your order either by phone or online by Thursday at midnight to receive your meals for the following week.

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Variety Packs have limited accommodations. You can select from the accommodations below, only. If you have other accommodations, please use the “Choose Your Own Meal” programs to fit your needs. All of our meals are naturally gluten free.

Earn up to 380 Fresh Funds Reward Points. You will see the total Fresh Funds Reward Points earned in the checkout/cart.

Healthy, Fresh Meal Plans

At YoFresh, we strive to provide people with easy, fast ready to eat meals that are both nutritious and filled with the things you love most.

Each week, our specially curated selection of meals is rotated for new, interesting takes on recipes from our Head Chef Don. All of our ready to eat meals are made fresh weekly and delivered for your convenience during the week.

Meals from our kitchen are made using only the freshest of meats and veggies for a healthy meal that's guaranteed to satisfy.

Every high-quality meal from YoFresh is designed to satisfy your craving, whether you're too busy to prepare a home-cooked meal or tired of unhealthy fast food.

Healthy Eating That Fits Your Schedule

With our Surprise Me! Variety Pack, we'll take the time to do the work and you can get back to your  busy schedule instead of you working around it.

Our Surprise Me! Variety Pack is designed to accommodate your basic needs. Choose from meal quantities between 5 and 10, and whether you want a combination of protein and veggies or want to double up on your veggies and skip the meat. This is designed for those with an evolving schedule or looking for a specific number of prepared meals to use each week, who don't have a lot of dietary needs or meal preferences.

Add On Items Available

Whether you're looking for a little morning pick me up or an afternoon snack, choose from our carefully curated selection of weekly meal prep add ons that can help carry you through your day. Choose from several options, such as our Fresh Start Morning Blend roasted coffee for a kick start to your day. We also offer vegan-friendly Avocado Pudding, Nash Bars and more.


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