10 Meal Pack – Weekly Meal Plan


Planning out your week is never easy – especially when it comes to planning out your meals. With YoFresh, simplify your list of things to do with quick meal plans.

Our 10 Meal Pack is made to be your weekly meal plan with 2 meals per weekday.
Healthy Meals Made Using Fresh, Nutritious Ingredients

At YoFresh, we ensure our meals are made to a high standard of quality. Each week, our Chef Don conceptualizes and prepares recipes and meals using fresh-sourced ingredients.

From meats to vegetables, we ensure that you’ll receive a meal that’s going to satisfy.

Specially Curated Meals From Our Chef

Getting tired of eating the same old meal every week? Never worry again with our large selection of fresh meals and recipes. Chef Don prepares new and different meals every week so that your palette is always satiated.

Unsure about ordering because of a dietary restriction? Don’t worry! Simply leave a note during checkout, and we’ll be happy to accommodate any need that you have.

Stay up to date with each meal for the upcoming week by following us on social media or checking our site menu.

Add On Items Available

Whether you’re looking for a little morning pick me up or a afternoon snack, choose from our carefully curated selection of weekly meal prep add ons that can help carry you through your day.

Fresh Start Morning Blend

YoFresh Fresh Start Morning Blend is an excellent way to start your day!

Available in a 1/2 lb. size, our roast is made using fresh whole beans. Our special blend incorporates floral and citrus aromas while providing a sweet and nutty taste. Locally roasted in small batches by LiBs Market, our blend is a great wake up call for a new day.

Looking for a nutrient packed snack for your morning, afternoon or evening? Select from our available add ons – Nash Bars and Avocado Pudding!

Nash Bars

Nash Bars are made by local company Nash Nutrition and available in a variety of flavors – each in packs of 3 protein bars. Choose from Dark Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter Bliss, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip or Blueberry Cashew. For those that want a mix of flavors, we provide a variety pack as well.

Avocado Pudding

Looking for a sweet, unique dessert? Try Avocado Pudding from Plant Love Nutrition. Locally sourced, the pudding is made using just 6 ingredients, and each cup includes a whole avocado. Select from 3 different varieties – Chocolate, Berry and Mocha Avocado Pudding. Also available is a trio pack of all flavors.

For vegans, vegetarians and sweets-lovers alike, the Avocado Pudding is just the right item to handle that sweet tooth.

Meal Delivery & Pickup Options

Order your 10 Meal Pack from YoFresh today for a weekly meal plan that’s guaranteed to satisfy! Place your order either by phone or online by Thursday at midnight to receive your meals for the following week.


YoFresh Originals

Enjoy these YoFresh original products with your meals!

Add-on to your meals with our local partners!

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