We’ve all stared at an open fridge wondering, “what should I make for dinner?” 

We’re either too busy or too tired to decide, and many of us fall into the trap of grabbing a bag of chips, picking up the phone to order takeout, or plopping a high-calorie frozen meal in the microwave. 

But, with a meal prep service, there are other menu options out there – high-quality, delicious meal choices for every dietary preference! Whether you’re eating paleo, keto-friendly, gluten-free, or low-carb, there are services that can provide you with healthy meals made with nutrient-rich, quality ingredients

Read on to discover some of the biggest advantages to signing up for a meal prep service like YoFresh

What Exactly is a Meal Prep Service?

A meal prep service offers already prepared meals to the consumer that are pre-cooked and only need to be reheated. Customers usually subscribe to the service for a given time with the opportunity to renew. 

Meal prep services can have a monthly or weekly menu, which usually changes according to the seasonality of the ingredients. The rotating menu keeps subscribers interested in what’s coming up next. Some meal prep services even give the customer the option of picking a main protein, with other a la carte add-ons costing extra. 

Meal Kit Vs. Meal Prep Service

A meal prep service is different from a meal kit delivery service (which has also become very popular in recent years). 

Both meal prep services and meal kit options typically come as a subscription service, with the customer signing up for a certain period, or subscribing indefinitely until he or she decides to cancel. 

Meal kit delivery services, like Hellofresh, Blue Apron, or Purple Carrot, deliver a box of separate ingredients that the at-home chef prepares into a finished entree


HelloFresh is a very popular meal kit delivery service. However, they offer no prepared meals, no keto/paleo options, and while they do offer vegetarian options, it’s up to the home chef to omit certain ingredients to make vegan meals

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is another well-known meal kit delivery service. They do offer vegetarian options, but no other dietary plans. They do offer a wine subscription for an extra charge. 

Green Chef

Green Chef is a meal kit delivery service that, in contrast to HelloFresh and Blue Apron, only offers meals based on diet plans such as keto, paleo, vegetarian, and vegan. 


Veestro is a meal prep service that features pre-made vegan meals, with two menu options: regular, and weight loss. 

Time-Saving AND Tasty 

The most obvious benefit to a meal prep service is the time saved by either picking up your meals (if your meal prep service is local) or having them delivered to your home. Subscribers save time by having to do less grocery shopping, both in the time it takes to drive to the grocery store and the time spent filling up the cart. 

Diners also save time by not having to actually fix the meal. Whether the prepared meal is intended for the microwave or is oven-ready, all that’s left to do is simply heat and enjoy. 

Healthy Meal Options for Vegans, Paleo, and More 

Healthy eating can be a daily battle in this day and age when the world makes it so easy to eat the wrong stuff. So many foods that are bad for you are the most convenient. But what if a healthy meal was within easy reach? That’s the case with a meal prep service. 

With meal prep, fresh ingredients are hand-selected and prepared with few, if any, preservatives because the meals are meant to be refrigerated and eaten within a week to ten days. 

Any meal prep service that makes it a point to use organic produce or other organic ingredients will relay that information to consumers, but due to the greater cost of these items, their use will be reflected in the price of the service. 

Dietary Restrictions

Some meal prep services specifically offer meal plans to customers with certain dietary needs, or give customers the option to omit certain ingredients. These dietary restrictions could be due to religious reasons, health reasons, or a food allergy. 

For example, many meal prep services allow you to omit protein and add more veggies, and some offer totally vegan meals. Or, you are given the choice of lean proteins like chicken breast or turkey if you want low-calorie meals. High-protein and carb-conscious meals could be options, too. 

Religious restrictions can be observed, as well. Kosher or halal customers would require that their meals be dairy-free and also not contain any pork products. Many adherents to Buddhism avoid meat, and Hindus do not eat beef. Customers can choose certain ingredients to be left out so that they can remain faithful to their diet. 

Gets You Out of Your Food Comfort Zone

Another great advantage of a meal prep service is the opportunity to sample new recipes that you may have never tried before. You’ll get to experience new ingredients from other places throughout the globe, and dine on cuisines from other countries or regions. If you live in a place that doesn’t have a variety of ethnic restaurants, a meal prep service might be your best chance to try food that’s Mediterranean, South American, or Southeast Asian. 

Even if you consider yourself a home chef, trying new recipes can be risky. You might need to buy unfamiliar ingredients that may only get used once. With a meal prep service, you can try these things with far less risk, cutting down on food waste. Plus there’s the added benefit of saving money, because exotic or imported ingredients are typically more expensive. 

Convenient for People Who Need a Helping Hand

The ability to leave the house whenever we want is something that most of us take for granted. But many people can’t leave their homes, whether it be temporary (recovering from illness or surgery) or permanent (due to a chronic condition or just simply being elderly). 

These reasons result in many homebound people not eating right. They reach for junk food or other packaged, processed food loaded with salt, sugar, fat, and preservatives. For these individuals, a meal prep service is a perfect solution to allow them to not only eat healthy, but also have an easier time doing it. 

Save With a Meal Prep Service

A meal prep service is all about saving: you save time, effort, and money while getting the chance to eat healthier, try new dishes, and enjoy the convenience of less food waste. With a quality meal prep service, you can sit back and enjoy the chef’s choice of meals without the stress and agony of deciding. Stick to your diet plan or that New Year’s resolution!

If you’re looking for a great local meal prep service, look no further than YoFresh.

With YoFresh, food can be picked up at two convenient locations, or for a delivery fee can have delicious meals delivered right to your doorstep in Mahoning, Trumbull, or Columbiana Counties. YoFresh meals contain no MSG, no preservatives, and no cheap oils or fats – only quality olive oil! They’re fresh and never frozen.

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