3 simple steps: choose meals, select pick-up, ENJOY! No shopping, no chopping, no clean up!


Place your order by Thursday at Midnight EST.

Menus rotate on a weekly basis so you will never get tired of our delicious options.

Purchase weekly, 4-weeks up front or convenient auto-debit options for weekly and 4-week packages are also available.


We offer FREE Pick-ups in Mahoning, Columbiana and Trumbull Counties.


Save time and have us bring it to you! 
Delivery to your door is just $10.

All pickups and deliveries occur Sunday evening.


Every meal comes complete with nutritional information right on the label!  Our labels are scannable right into the My Fitness Pal App so you can track your food with ease.  Our food comes fully cooked, in convenient individualized meal portions, and ready to reheat when you're ready to eat! The only directions necessary are to tell you to relax + enjoy!

Meal Prep FAQ’s


Each meal prep meal is individually portioned for one person.


Nope! Just reheat your healthy food to 165*. Takes about 1.5 minutes in a microwave and a bit longer in a traditional oven.

How Long Are My Meals Good For?

Your meals are good for 7 days from the time you receive them.

The delivery date is listed on your bag for your convenience.

Can I Freeze My Meals?

Our food is designed to be eaten fresh and within 7 days of ordering.

If you do need to freeze your meals,  we recommend transferring your food to vacuum-sealed packaging to preserve the freshness of your food; the boxes your meals come in are not designed for long-term freezer meals.



You can choose your own meals when you order through the “choose my own meals” option.

If you choose the Variety packs, only certain accommodations are available. See the Variety Pack FAQ section of this page for information on that!

Weekly menus are listed on the website,  and on our Facebook | Instagram.

How do variety packs work?

Our variety packs are available for weekly, 4-week plans, and also available to subscribe to weekly/4-week plans.

Variety Packs are exactly that-A variety! Chef selects meals from that week’s menu to equal the number of meals you order in your pack.

We understand that you may have dietary preferences and needs. If you choose to not have a certain menu item listed below, we will replace that meal with another meal for the week. 

No pork  | No beef | No turkey | No chicken | No dairy | No vegan meals

Just choose one of these options when adding a variety pack to your cart!

If you require more specific accommodations, you should order from the Choose Your Own menu features.


None of our meals contain gluten*.

*While our menu is gluten free, we do utilize shared kitchen space. Please call us if you have a gluten allergy so we can discuss if YoFresh is right for you!


Freshetarians who have specific accommodation needs should use the choose-your-own meal options when you order.  If you aren’t that picky, the variety pack is for you!

What about…Keto, Paleo, Whole 30…

We currently have a fixed menu. You can review our nutrition information on the website and see if our foods would be a great fit for you. If you have specific questions about dietary needs, please email our  Registered Dietitian : [email protected]

What's in your food?

Our meal prep food is clean.  That means:

  • NO Msg
  • NO preservatives
  • NO soy (occasionally there may be soy, example: Ranch Dressing contains soy, but this is clearly marked on the box)
  • NO cheap oils and fats. We use quality olive oil 

We use fresh ingredients. Your meals come fresh, never frozen. 


We currently deliver to: Mahoning, Columbiana, and Trumbull Counties. 

Convenient Delivery to your door every Sunday for an additional fee. Drop Offs will occur between 3:00-8:00 pm. If you will not be home, please leave a cooler outside with adequate ice packs to keep your food cold.

To see a list of Zip Codes we currently deliver, CLICK HERE

What about the boxes?
Are they BPA Free and/or microwave safe?

Yes! Our boxes are BPA Free and microwave safe!

Do you want them back?

Nope! They’re yours. You can keep them for whatever you’d like, or drop them in with your recycling.

We’d love to reuse them, but due to food safety laws, we cannot.

If you come up with creative reuse for them, let us know and we’ll share it below!

How much space will they take up in my fridge?

Our standard meal prep container measures approximately 7″ long by 5″ wide and 2.5″ deep.

Free pickup

The ONLY meal prep service with FREE pickup locations in Columbiana, Mahoning, and Trumbull Counties!

Please see the list below for pickup times and locations.  You can choose this option at checkout.

*if you live in PA and want to pick up at one of our drop locations, please enter an Ohio state/zip code during the checkout process for your shipping address.

Please note: All sales are final.