Information for the User

Important Documentation

How to Access Product Information

Click on the menu item and a new window will open up

The information will be listed in order

  1. Menu Item and Serving Size (This is what you see on the menu before you click)
  2. Recipe Components (If there is a recipe or a combo item the individual components and portions will be listed here for easy reference)
  3. Serving size for the age group
  4. Dietary Attributes (Kosher, Vegan, Vegetarian, other product information such as gluten free, soy free, no corn syrup, etc)
  5. Nutrition Documentation: This will include the nutrition information for easy download for your sites.
  6. CN Label: If a product has a CN or K12 Nutrition label, I will include it here.
  7. AddL Documentation: If we come up with our own recipe, etc, we will put the document here so it is housed here.
*Allergy Directions*

nothing here yet 🙂

Emoji Key

?Early Head Start

? Head Start (3-5’s)

? Combo Item (Example: Ham and Cheese Sandwich)

? (Combo Component (Example: Ham Slices, Cheese Slices)

? Child Nutrition Label

?Whole Wheat item

?Sweet (To indicate only 1 per week at most on menu)

Alta Head Start Menu

?Early Head Start (1-2 Year Olds)

?Head Start (3-5 Year Olds)


Enter New Allergen Information

Allergen Info by Site and Age Group

Ingredient Information by Meal Component


Meat/Meat Alternate


Combination Items